Wait Until You’re 21 to Drink!

In the United States, the legal age to drink an alcoholic beverage is 21. There are various different benefits to waiting until you are legally able to drink.
First and foremost, it is the law. We should all be law abiding citizens. The last thing you want to have to do is call your parents or a friend to come pick you up from a police station because you chose to break the law and drink underage. It is not worth it! Even if you do not end up in jail, you still have the potential of getting in trouble with your parents or elders. Regardless of the situation, you are placing yourself in a scenario where you will need to watch over your shoulder the entire night to make sure that you are not being caught doing something illegal. Who wants to look over their shoulder every few minutes rather than being able to enjoy themselves care free? If you stay sober, you can have fun without any worries of who is watching you or who may pop up at any given time.

Drinking can be an expensive habit. If you wait until you are 21, you will be able to save more money if you don’t start the habit until you are of age. Don’t waste your money on creating a habit that you aren’t legally allowed to be doing.

Drinking underage requires that you are a good liar. Depending on how young you are and how underage you are, you may need to lie to your parents. Typically, parents are able to pick-up on behaviors such as drinking so you would need to be pretty good at lying.

You are young and you want to remember your younger years, right? Alcohol has the potential to allow you to blackout or have behaviors that you will not remember in the morning. There may be periods of time that you may not be able to recall due to the use of alcohol. You are young, enjoy your younger years with full clarity and be able to enjoy recalling old memories. It is possible to go out and have fun without alcohol in your system and it is even more fun to recall those fun times years later.

There are a few scientific reasons that you should wait until you are the legal age of 21 before you choose to drink alcoholic beverages. Alcohol can interfere with the overall development of a young adult’s brain. The frontal lobes, are typically impacted. This area impacts a human’s ability to regulate their emotions, plan, and organize. Additionally, the likelihood that chronic problems will occur in your life will increase. For example, you are more vulnerable to developing an addiction to alcohol, developing dangerous behaviors that cause you to take unnecessary risks and your decision-making ability has the potential to be reduce. In addition, you can deal with memory loss, depression, violent behaviors, and the chances of suicide will be increased. None of that sounds worth taking a drink of an alcoholic beverage!